Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Sleep apnea syndrome is a common disorder estimated to affect 4-6% of population.  If left untreated it can lead to Hypertension, accelerated atherosclerosis and CVA.  It is reported to cause Diabetes.


MALES- The patient is typically obese, hypertensive, complains of day time sleepiness, and his spouse notices apneic episodes (i.e. cessation of breathing) during sleep.  His collar size is typically more than 16.


FEMALES- Whereas a prototypic male patient with sleep apnea tends to have excessive daytime sleepiness, an unrefreshing sleep and loud snoring, community-based studies of women (which include women with significant sleep apnea) suggest that women are less likely to have these classic symptoms of sleep apnea and more likely to report symptoms of daytime fatigue, morning headache, and mood disturbance.


ELDERLY PATIENTS- Elderly patients with sleep apnea usually do not sufffer from daytime sleepiness or obesity.  Atrial fibrillation, nocturia (i.e. excessive urination during the night), ischemic heart disease (i.e. coronary heart disease), and heart failure are more common.


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